What is a Wapp?

I would like to introduce a new portmanteau to the world, one that has been a long time coming.  The word is “Wapp” and it is simply a conglomeration of the words “Web” and “App”.  We’ve seen the term “Web App” bandied about for some time now, especially with the recent hullabaloo around HTML5.  So why the need for a new term?

Although much has been written about HTML5, the majority of the focus has been centered around usage of the new tags (especially video and drawing), on Web Sites.  By contrast, I have seen very little written about how the new group of HTML5 technologies can be used to enable some very powerful Web Applications.

These Wapps exist, no doubt.  One need only visit Google’s mobile versions of Gmail or Google Voice to see that.  But the number of articles, tutorials, and tweets on HTML5 center on things like “how to make an HTML5 blog template” or “check out this nice HTML5 powered bouncing ball.”  Perhaps the Chrome App Store will help change all this, but I foresee issues there as well – I’m sure there will be a number of silly “apps”, ala the iPhone’s flatulence apps.

So, by coining the term Wapp in this, and future blog posts, I hope to bring attention to the potential of creating real-world apps using Web technologies.  These apps could easily replace existing Visual Basic, Flex, or client-server apps in the Enterprise.  They could also replace existing device or OS specific apps as well.

Feel free to use the term yourself… maybe we can start some sort of movement! :-)

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