Samsung Presentations Suck

I admit that although my first Apple product was purchased just over four years ago, I may now be termed an “Apple Fanboy”.  Call me crazy, but I just like things to work, and Apple’s products give me that in spades.  I am not delusional enough to think that their offerings are perfect (I am still waiting for good iTunes account management, seamless cloud services, etc), but by and large, they give me what I need.

I will also admit that I am a neophyte when it comes to Android products.  I have never owned one, but I do keep up on the news, so am quite familiar with their offerings.  One thing the news outlets have done recently is to paint a picture of doom and gloom for Apple and its products, and to place Google and Samsung on a pedestal, as if they are capable of no wrong.

So, it was with great interest that I tuned in to Samsung’s live event yesterday – their Radio City pomp and circumstance show for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (what a mouthful!).  I started watching with an open mind, but was quickly nauseated by the presentation.  It was awful.  I mean it was bad, bad, bad.  It was almost as bad as Qualcomm’s debacle earlier this year.

Aside from the terrible presentation, I wanted to be excited about this much ballyhooed product, as I view competition as a good thing.  Who knows what impact some of Samsung’s innovations may have on Apple?  And so I took a deep breath and endured the chaff of a schmaltzy MC, a tap dancing child, and an elderly Chinese gentlemen, in order to consume the wheat of the Galaxy’s features.

What I saw could best be described as “meh”.  I might be out of touch, but the vast majority of the new features were either geeky or gimmicky.  And they all seemed quite superfluous.

I’m guessing the screen is just beautiful in person, and the 13MP camera is a solid offering, but I just didn’t see anything that wow’ed me.  I don’t typically need to be wow’ed, but in the current environment, where Apple is constantly chastised for being “evolutionary”, rather than “revolutionary”, and Samsung is touted as the undisputed king of smartphones, I can’t help but be disappointed by this release.

So I need some Samsung or Android Fanboys to tell me what I missed with yesterday’s unveiling.  Was there really a great feature that the Galaxy now offers that I just plain overlooked?  And please don’t tell me how you enjoyed Samsung’s show – that will just cause me to dismiss your entire comment.

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  1. James says:

    I’ve never owned an android device either. However last year I sold my iphone 4 and went without a smart phone for 3 months whilst I considered my options. During this time I tried out the nexus 4, samsungs s3 and a windows phone. I wasn’t sure. By November I still hadn’t made my mind up. Then apple released the iPad mini and as I didn’t have a computer at the time I gave it a go. I fell in love with in the first day of using it. From that I got the iphone 5. Using the two together is awesome. To have everything sync without me doing anything, being able to download apps on both old and new. It’s not perfect, what in life is. But I’ll say this much, I havnt regretted my purchases for a second. This is where spending that little extra counts.

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