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One Man’s HTML5 Developer Workflow

TweetWe are now squarely in the age of HTML5; or the age of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, if you prefer. That being the case, it amazes me that for those poor souls who are new to the world of front-end … Continue reading

Add Touch Scrolling to HTML Tables

TweetAt the company I work for, Virtusa, we often encounter scenarios where a client has an existing WCM or other web-enabled solution that they want to expose to mobile devices.  In these cases, it is not enough to just point … Continue reading

Master List of HTML(5)/JS/CSS Resources

TweetFollowing is a list of HTML5 (now just HTML), JavaScript, and CSS resources that I find very useful.  I thought others might like a one stop place for such information as well.  I will be continually updating this list, so … Continue reading

The Myth of WORA

TweetFor years, businesses have searched for the holy grail of the development world – the notion of being able to write a program, application, app, or whatever they’re now calling it, just once, while being able to deploy it on … Continue reading

10 Technologies to Keep an Eye On, Part II

TweetOk, so it’s been several months since my first installment of this blog post. I guess I was hoping that if I waited long enough that the next five most compelling technologies would reveal themselves. No such luck. I was … Continue reading