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iPad Market Share & the Media

TweetRecently IDC released their figures on “Worldwide Tablet Shipments”. Shortly thereafter, several “news organizations” and enthusiast web sites wrote about the published figures, using eye catching headlines, such as:

Quick Thoughts On Kindle Fire

TweetOk, so what does everyone think of the Kindle Fire? Is it an iPad killer? Is it step one in a strong strategic plan by Amazon? Or is it just another ho-hum entry in the tablet wars? My take is … Continue reading

The iPad Orientation/Mute Switch Poll

TweetUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 weeks, I’m sure by now you are aware of Apple’s decision to change the function of that little switch located on the upper right hand side of the iPad, … Continue reading

5 Tips for Using HTML5 Today

So, Google and Apple are pushing this HTML5 thing, and yet, as mentioned by myself and others, HTML5 is just not quite ready for wholesale use. That being said, there are some tactics, techniques, and technologies that you can use today to create a fully functional Web, Mobile, or Tablet app. Following are five such tips. Continue reading

The Enterprise iPad

One reader’s response to my last blog post got me thinking about whether Apple is missing a great opportunity by pushing the iPad as the next great consumer product. I think it’s entirely possible that the device could be equally radical in the Enterprise. Continue reading