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iPad Market Share & the Media

TweetRecently IDC released their figures on “Worldwide Tablet Shipments”. Shortly thereafter, several “news organizations” and enthusiast web sites wrote about the published figures, using eye catching headlines, such as:

Samsung Presentations Suck

TweetI admit that although my first Apple product was purchased just over four years ago, I may now be termed an “Apple Fanboy”.  Call me crazy, but I just like things to work, and Apple’s products give me that in … Continue reading

10 Technologies to Keep an Eye On, Part I

TweetWe live in an exciting technological time where the only thing constant is change.  When faced with creating the next big thing, there are many time tested technologies to choose from, and a slew of new technologies that promise to … Continue reading

5 Tips for Using HTML5 Today

So, Google and Apple are pushing this HTML5 thing, and yet, as mentioned by myself and others, HTML5 is just not quite ready for wholesale use. That being said, there are some tactics, techniques, and technologies that you can use today to create a fully functional Web, Mobile, or Tablet app. Following are five such tips. Continue reading

HTML5: Is it Ready for Prime Time?

The recent announcement by Apple that it has sold over one million iPads in just 28 days has developers chomping at the bit to create apps for the iPhone OS. However, for many of these App Store success story hopefuls, there are at least two problems that they face before writing even a single line of code. Continue reading