Quick Thoughts On Kindle Fire

Ok, so what does everyone think of the Kindle Fire? Is it an iPad killer? Is it step one in a strong strategic plan by Amazon? Or is it just another ho-hum entry in the tablet wars?

My take is that it looks like it has the potential to be the first serious competition to the Apple ecosystem. Tablet makers up until now, have just been hardware vendors. Amazon is different. They are a retail/content company. The can afford to sell hardware at cost or a loss. And they have the infrastructure and library to give people content from day one, something Android tablets have struggled with.

Not sure I see much adaptation in the Enterprise based on this announcement, though. Corporate tablets seems to be a fairly wide open space in which I wouldn’t even rule out Microsoft.

What do you think?

Adobe Edge First Impressions

Adobe has just released a new product to its labs, that promises Flash-like animations using nothing but standard Web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JS).  Edge, as it is dubbed, is being provided as a “developer preview”, not to be confused with an alpha or beta product (let me know if you know the difference).  You can download it free of charge from Adobe’s lab site.

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Add Touch Scrolling to HTML Tables

At the company I work for, Virtusa, we often encounter scenarios where a client has an existing WCM or other web-enabled solution that they want to expose to mobile devices.  In these cases, it is not enough to just point your mobile browser to an existing URL and have at it.  Such an experience is quite lacking from a mobile device standpoint (see my post on The Myth of WORA).

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Master List of HTML(5)/JS/CSS Resources

Following is a list of HTML5 (now just HTML), JavaScript, and CSS resources that I find very useful.  I thought others might like a one stop place for such information as well.  I will be continually updating this list, so that it that stays relevant.  Feel free to email me or leave a comment with any resources that you find compelling and I’ll add them to the list!

EDIT January 30, 2012: It’s been nearly a year since I first posted this list, so much has changed since then.  Rather than try to maintain this single post, I’ve created a github repository.  Go there for the latest and greatest list.  I encourage others to add their favorite links as well.  I will keep this post active for posterity as well.

FYI, a year ago it was announced that henceforth, HTML5 would simply be known as HTML.  Well, fast forward a year, and like it or not, it certainly appears that that the term HTML5 is alive and well.  In fact, the HTML5 logo is littered throughout the web in support of this term.  So much for Ian Hickson’s decree.

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The Myth of WORA

For years, businesses have searched for the holy grail of the development world – the notion of being able to write a program, application, app, or whatever they’re now calling it, just once, while being able to deploy it on any number of systems. Hence the term “Write Once Run Anywhere”, a.k.a. WORA.

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