Navigating the HTML5 Maze

Ember! Batman! Spine! Knockout! Bootstrap! Boilerplate!  No, this is not the opening sequence to a bad B-list movie from the 1960′s.  It is but a very small sampling of the overwhelming number of HTML5 libraries/frameworks/(insert your own catagorization here) available for use by unsuspecting, bright-eyed developers.  [Note: remember, when I use the term HTML5, it is based on what seems to be the industry accepted use of the term which encompasses HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3]

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One Man’s HTML5 Developer Workflow

We are now squarely in the age of HTML5; or the age of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, if you prefer. That being the case, it amazes me that for those poor souls who are new to the world of front-end development, there is little written on what their developer workflow might look like. With them in mind, I am offering up a starting point, based on my own experience and preferences.

EDIT: I just added all of the links mentioned in this article to my Master List of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS Resources. Be sure to check it out and submit your favorite links.

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They Just Don’t Get the iPhone 4S

After Tuesday’s (Oct 4, 2011) announcement of the iPhone 4S, reporter after reporter, and analyst after analyst, either bashed Apple, or at best, had a lukewarm reaction. One of the few dissenting responses, by David Urban, called it a “game changer“.  While this article concentrated primarily on the phone’s features, most notably, Siri, which he considers revolutionary, my take on Apple’s announcement is much more in line with some of David’s other points.

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Quick Thoughts On Kindle Fire

Ok, so what does everyone think of the Kindle Fire? Is it an iPad killer? Is it step one in a strong strategic plan by Amazon? Or is it just another ho-hum entry in the tablet wars?

My take is that it looks like it has the potential to be the first serious competition to the Apple ecosystem. Tablet makers up until now, have just been hardware vendors. Amazon is different. They are a retail/content company. The can afford to sell hardware at cost or a loss. And they have the infrastructure and library to give people content from day one, something Android tablets have struggled with.

Not sure I see much adaptation in the Enterprise based on this announcement, though. Corporate tablets seems to be a fairly wide open space in which I wouldn’t even rule out Microsoft.

What do you think?

Adobe Edge First Impressions

Adobe has just released a new product to its labs, that promises Flash-like animations using nothing but standard Web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JS).  Edge, as it is dubbed, is being provided as a “developer preview”, not to be confused with an alpha or beta product (let me know if you know the difference).  You can download it free of charge from Adobe’s lab site.

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